Hey there, welcome to happylittlething.

I’m Kat and I’m here to share my adventures in the pursuit of happiness.

I’m half-Polish, half-English, Geordie-raised; I’m a freelance web and UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) designer – basically I work hard to make the internet an awesome place. I’m actually taking a break from work at the moment to deal with life with chronic illness, but I’ve been kept busy with side web projects (because everybody knows web folk can’t down tools for long).

To make myself happy, I’m a crafter 4 lyfe – constantly making something, my life is tangled and intertwined with wool and yarn, cross stitch thread and fabric, and cooking and baking ingredients. I try to photograph the happy bits along the way. I’m currently on a crochet-cross stitch-knitting binge, and am waiting patiently for spring so I can get back out to my mini garden.

I live in Chelmsford, Essex with my fiancé in a cosy colourful flat, where I get to experiment with recipes – I cook, he eats, and we’re living happily ever after.

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Join me on my adventures!

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