Project 365 – part 4

The final chapter.

This is the part that feels most relevant to my life at the moment – that might be because the last photo was taken 6 days ago, so it’s not that surprising. But this final quarter starts at the beginning of December, and actually, it’s a pretty good quarter.

December through to February saw me do some more travelling (Warsaw, Jersey, Cannes, Manchester), spend super happy times with my family and best friend, throw some colour into my life, and learn some new stuff.

Festive December…

December saw a lot of pre-Christmas crafting, my nails snapped (need moar calcium?), I got a new iPhone, I had another trip back to my parents (see photos with my mama and my Lauren), I acquired a super sassy hat (blue glittery tophat!) and sated a work-Christmas-party hangover with a trip to Five Guys. Christmas was spent in Poland which was relaxing, with board games (including a Polish game about queueing in front of shops in the 1980s) and walks in the forest. New Year was spent with my best friend, eating a lot of Turkish food, playing with sparklers and having sekrit times.

New Year – January…

The New Year continued with time spent with my best friend – on the first of January we went on the London Eye, which I absolutely loved. We also visited Winter Wonderland (btw HOW BIG is the German Beer Hall there?! it’s amazing!). In contrast to last month, my nails were now screwed because of wearing false nails. C’est la vie! This month also saw me get my bangs cut back in, travel to Jersey for a beautiful few days for work, try a street dance class and do Fire Marshal training for work.

The final month – February…

February was the final month of my Project 365 – by now, it was completely ingrained in me to photograph something everyday. The month started with a weekend in Cannes for the Midem music hack weekend. Such a surreal weekend, I loved it. I also became a qualified First Aider (spent part of the afternoon flouncing around pretending the mannequin was my boyfriend.. I thought more people would do this, apparently not..). I travelled to Manchester to see Childish Gambino, ate the biggest pancake ever at My Old Dutch, received the most beautiful flowers for Valentines Day, went to a London Fashion Week event, visited Greenwich, bought a dress, and generally continued to love London.


Once again, I have to say thank you so much to you guys for reading and revisiting my year in photos with me. Part of me looks back and thinks not much has changed, but a bigger part of me is amazed at how far I’ve come. I’ve loved looking back at the little details in my life, laughing at how silly things have been, seeing myself move on from sad times and throw myself into the good times.

I’m already 5 days into my next 365, and can’t wait to share that with you.

Greenwich and Visions of the Universe

This Sunday, I took a trip out to Greenwich. I’d bought a couple tickets to an exhibition called Visions of the Universe, at the National Maritime Museum, so grabbed a friend and off I went. I’m a big space ‘n’ stars nut, one of my dreams is to use a “proper” telescope and see some amazing sites. In the mean time, to tide me over, we went to the NMM to enjoy what they had on. A beautiful exhibition, taking you to the Moon, the Sun, and through so many different galaxies and nebulae, I saw some of my favourites (the Horsehead Nebula!) and learnt more about the history of space travel. Interestingly, there were also a number of photos by (and of) Commander Chris Hadfield, who was captain of the International Space Station for 6 months and returned to earth recently. I follow him on Twitter and Facebook, he regularly posts incredible photos from space!

I definitely recommend seeing the exhibition – for adults it’s around £8 a pop, and there’s a whole range of different group tickets you can get, if you want to take children. My advice though is to get there early, as it got quite crowded around mid-afternoon and there was a queue – we got there early enough to waltz right in!

Unfortunately you can’t take photos inside the exhibition, but I can share what we did for the rest of the day in lovely Greenwich! We had the now-obligatory Sunday roast in a little pub near the Cutty Sark, then overdosed on ice cream, and got the still exciting  scenic route back into town – the Thames Clipper, one of the passenger boats you can get along the Thames. For about a fiver, you can go between Greenwich (and actually further out, I can’t remember where it starts though) right on through to Embankment and Waterloo – the scenery is always so beautiful, if you give it a whirl grab a window seat!


Exploring University of Greenwich buildings


The water looked like diamonds!

The City always looks so good

Arriving into central London – Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye, from the front of the Thames Clipper boat.

Another lovely end to a sweet weekend.